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Enea and AppliedMicro expand multicore cooperation


Enea (Kista, Sweden) and AppliedMicro Inc. (Sunnyvale, California) have formalized and expanded a longstanding alliance to focus on delivering advanced multicore hardware and software solutions to the communications market.

The two companies have cooperated on a number of previous generation platforms and the relationship includes product integration, joint go to market activities and exploring roadmap alignment on their respective multicore product families.     

Initially, the companies will focus on delivering a highly optimized integration of Enea’s OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system and AppliedMicro’s Mamba single and dual core processors on AppliedMicro’s APM86290 reference development platforms.  

The Mamba devices are the first members of the PacketPro family, offering a choice of either one or two 1.5GHz PowerPC 465 cores, targeting applications where performance, power management, security and concurrency are key requirements.  

Enea OSE Multicore Edition is configured with a kernel design that combines the advantages of both traditional asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP).

The alliance will also include the two companies pursuing joint activities including working together on marketing programs, trade events and customer development.  In addition, Enea and AppliedMicro will seek technical and roadmap alignment to ensure that they are delivering the most optimized offerings to customers – speeding development and enabling high-performance, differentiated products.    

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