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Enea announces Eclipse-based IDE for OSE RTOS

San Jose, CA and Boston, MA. — Enea has announced Optima, a new Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS). Optima uses the latest Eclipse (version 3.1.2) and C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT version 3.1.1) technology. Optima provides system level browsing, debugging, profiling and analysis tools that simplify the debugging and optimization of distributed systems spanning multiple processors and operating systems.

The Optima C/C++ Development Toolkit uses the Eclipse workbench and workspace concept for building images and managing projects. It includes a language-aware C/C++ editor, a C/C++ debugger, a C/C++ launcher, a parser and indexer, and a Makefile editor and builder.

Optima's system browser provides a hierarchical view of OSE systems that enables system integrators to debug complete distributed systems without having to drill down to the application source code. Its features include:

  • Information for all important OSE objects, including processes, blocks, semaphores, message queues, and signals in process/message queues.
  • A filtered, sortable, flat table view of processes or blocks on the target system.
  • Start, stop, and kill for blocks and processes.
  • Loading and unloading of OSE programs.

Optima's graphical pool profiler helps developers understand resource consumption, optimize memory pool size, and isolate system memory leaks. It provides information about OSE signal memory use and fragmentation in a graphical format. It also provides histograms for buffer/signal size, error detection for overwritten buffers, and more.

Optima's run-mode debugger enables programmers to access and control a single system process without affecting or stopping the rest of the system. Breakpoints are “process aware,” meaning that code shared by multiple processes may have a breakpoint selected for just one process. The run-mode debugger allows a variety of conditions to trigger a breakpoint, and a variety of actions to ensue upon hitting a breakpoint. The run-mode debugger is also “OSE aware”, providing information about the current OSE state as an adjunct to code debug.

Optima supports all OSE targets, including PowerPC, ARM/XScale, MIPS32, and the OSE Soft Environment simulator. Base pricing for Optima starts at $3,000 for a single-user subscription.

Enea , +1 408-383-9480, www.enea.com

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