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Enea carrier middleware provides high availability

IPTV World, London , UK and MVA Conference, San Francisco – Enea has announced Enea Element 3.0, a middleware platform for building carrier grade network equipment. Enea Element 3.0 provides a number of key features that enhance service availability, including a full implementation of the SA Forum's Availability Management Framework (AMF), support for in-service upgrades, and the ability to manage DSP farms in the user plane.

Enea Element provides core services for instrumenting, monitoring, and synchronizing applications spread across multiple operating systems and processors. It also provides network supervision, fault management, and shelf management services that make it easier to monitor, repair, configure, and upgrade live systems as they operate in the field.

Enea Element 3.0 provides full support for the SA Forum Availability Management Framework (AMF). Included are new redundancy models for 2N, N + M, N-way, and N-way-active configurations, fail-over modes that enable active and stand-by components to reside on the same or different nodes, and flexible, configurable, “health monitoring” capabilities. Enea Element 3.0 also provides full support for the Enea dSPEED Platform, which features DSP management and debug services.

For further information visit www.enea.com.

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