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Enea future-proofs LINX IPC


Stockholm, Sweden, and San Jose, Ca, – Enea today announced an enhanced version of the Enea LINX interprocess communications (IPC) services product for distributed telecom systems. Enea LINX provides a number of new features that increase overall service availability, including protocol/feature negotiation, priority messaging, and support for Enea Element in-service upgrades.

Protocol/feature negotiation will make future releases backward compatible with previous releases. When developers install a new version of Enea LINX on a particular node, it will automatically communicates with Enea LINX peers on other nodes to identify and default to a common set of features.

Priority messaging increases service availability by maintaining communications during congestion caused by a fault condition. In-service upgrades increase availability by enabling software upgrades to be performed on live systems without disrupting service.

Enea LINX for Linux is free, open source software available on SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/linx. Enea LINX is also availabe for the Enea OSE RTOS and Enea OSE ck DSP RTOS. Both OSs start at$ 5,000 per license (10 users).

For further information on Enea, please visit www.enea.com.

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