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Enea launches multi-core OS and tools for TI’s OMAP platform


Enea Embedded Technology, (formerly OSE Systems) announced the availability of the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS), development tools and board support packages for Texas Instruments' OMAP platform, a family of scalable integrated application and communications processors and stand-alone application processors.

OSE is a memory-protected RTOS optimized for high-availability, high-reliability distributed communications systems. The OSE OMAP product combines the OSE RTOS, which runs on the ARM core, and OSEck, a compact version of OSE optimized for the TMS320C55x DSP core. OSE and OSEck share the same API, which, according to Enea, eliminates the need for separate RTOS programming environments and enables designers to create code that can run on either processor. OSE and OSEck also share the same message-based interprocess communications model to enable designers to establish communications between processes running on the two cores.

OSE support is available for the OMAP5910 and OMAP1510 processors, both of which incorporate TI-enhanced ARM9 microprocessors and TI TMS320C55x DSPs. The OSE RTOS supports compilers from ARM (ADS and RealView) and Texas Instruments (Code Composer Studio 2.2 with RTOS awareness plug-in). Enea also offers the WinIdea C/C++ source-code debugger, which supports RTOS-aware debugging on both cores. Additional development tools are available from Mentor Graphics and Lauterbach. The price for a single developer's seat starts at $8,000.

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