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Enea multicore tools add system debug and profiling

Stockholm, Sweden – Enea has added system-level debug and profiling enhancements for its Eclipse-based Optima Tool Suite. These enhancements, known as the Optima Event Viewer and System Profiler, support the development complex multicore applications using Enea's OSE operating system.

The Optima Event Viewer provides access to OSE events such as process creation and context switches. Using the Optima Event Viewer, developers can configure OSE to perform specific actions when selected events occur. These actions include recording information about the event and intercepting the execution of a set of processes. The Optima System Profiler provides access to OSE's profiling mechanisms. It can record statistics such as total CPU load, CPU load on a per-process or priority level, and heap usage per process. The Event Viewer presents data in a tabular format. The System Profiler supports 2D and 3D charts as well as the tabular format. Both tools can save the data or export it in XML format for further processing.

The tools in the Optima Tool Suite are priced separately. Prices start at $1000 for a System Browser floating license. The Optima Event Viewer and the System Profiler are priced at $2000 per tool for floating licenses. For more information, see www.enea.com.

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