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Enea OSE RTOS adds lightweight GUI tools

Feynman Software has integrated its MiniGUI tools with Enea's OSE real-time operating system (RTOS). MiniGUI is a cross-operating-system graphical user interface development system and middleware for embedded devices. It is designed for handheld devices (including mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs), telecom equipment, medical devices, set-top boxes, and industrial control, and military systems.

MiniGUI is optimized for applications with tight resource and real-time performance constraints. It provides multi-windowing and messaging mechanisms, supports enhanced GDI APIs (i.e., raster, complex drawing/shading, and 2D graphics), and provides skin APIs for building flashy GUIs.

MiniGUI provides a comprehensive suite of controls (widgets), such as buttons, progress bars, toolbars, and track bars. It supports dialog and message boxes, menus, and acceleration keys. It also supports popular image file types, Windows resource files (i.e. Windows bit map, icon, cursor), multiple character sets, font types, and keyboard layouts.

OSE is a family of compact, high-performance, deterministic real-time operating systems optimized for telecom and mobile computing applications. The OSE family features fully-preemptive, event-driven, real-time response. It also features built-in fault tolerant capabilities, a power management system, a variety of file system options (including a crash-safe file system with flash support). It also supports in-field application downloads.

For more information
In North America, contact Tom Hayes at (480) 753-9200.

In Europe, contact Karl-Gustav Niska, at +46 8 50 71 41 04.

In Asia, contact Marcus Hjortsberg at +86 21 6334 3406.

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