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Enea rolls out embedded software platform for autos

Enea Embedded Auto Platform (EE-Auto), an embedded software platform for automobiles from Enea Embedded Technology, targets manufacturers of microprocessor-based navigation, telematics, entertainment, information, power train, and chassis control systems. Enea will also offer a range of services to help clients develop customer-specific applications.

EE-Auto supports CPUs, DSPs, and hybrid CPU/DSPs used in automotive applications, including ARM and PowerPC processors, MPC 55XX and 5XX DSPs, and C167/TriCore, ARM, MAC 71XX and SH2 hybrid architectures. The EE-Auto service package also includes expertise in industry standard automotive communication protocols such as LIN (Local Interconnect Network), CAN (Controller Area Network), FlexRay and MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport).

The foundation for EE-Auto is Enea's RTOS family: OSE, OSEck and OSE Epsilon. Each of these operating systems, though optimized for different functions, shares a common API and development environment, according to the company. They also share a common message-based interprocess communications framework to facilitate communication among multiple processes running on different processors under different operating systems.

OSE, Enea's high-end RTOS, features memory protection, program management, file system, flash, and message-based interprocess communications. OSE provides a fault detection mechanism that initiates error analysis and recreates data if a process doesn't respond.

OSEck (OSE Compact Kernel) is a DSP enhanced version of the OSE RTOS optimized for deeply embedded, resource-constrained functions like engine control that have hard real-time requirements. Enea says that OSEck is fully pre-emptive, provides built-in error handling, and occupies less than 4 kbytes of memory in a minimal configuration.

OSE Epsilon, a compact version of the OSE RTOS suited for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontroller environments, also occupies as little as 4 kbytes of memory.

EE-Auto features a suite of development tools, integrated under the open Eclipse framework. Included as part of this framework is Enea's OSE Illuminator system debugger, as well as simulation tools such as UML and MATLAB. Enea says it will offer a range of services in Europe, USA and Asia to help EE-Auto customers. These services include system engineering, application and driver development, integration, and testing and certification of security critical systems.

EE-Auto is available immediately. EE-Auto licenses start at $15,000, depending on the configuration.

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