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Enea’s Element high-availability middleware adds Linux support

San Jose, CA and Boston, MA — Enea announced version 2.0 of its Element high-availability middleware. Element is designed for distributed network infrastructure applications spanning multiple processors and operating systems. It is now available for MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Core and CentOS. Element 2.0 also works with Kontron's XL8000 AdvancedTCA system and provides standard interfaces for AdvancedTCA and SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface.

Element is said to be the first high-availability middleware optimized for distributed telecom systems. Element is also the first high-availability middleware equipped to run on DSPs and network processors as well as 32-bit CPUs.

Element's High-Availability Framework (HAF) delivers all of the services required to build a non-stop computing platform. The HAF provides full fault management, including monitoring, detection, recovery, and reporting, for every resource in the system. It also employs active heartbeat monitoring and reactive error detection schemes to ensure the health of key hardware and software components at the system, slot and application levels.

Element provides a comprehensive suite of shelf management services for configuring and monitoring individual slots, blades and chassis. Element works with shelf management controllers to detect and configure blades, track revision numbers, and monitor key blade-level parameters like temperature, voltage and fan speed. Element also supports hot swap, which enables individual blades to be inserted and removed from a live chassis.

Element 2.0 for Linux will be generally available in Q4 2006. Pricing starts at $ 100,000 depending on the configuration.

Enea , +1 408-383-9480, www.enea.com

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