Energy Micro assembling tool suite to cut MCU development time -

Energy Micro assembling tool suite to cut MCU development time

Electronica, Munich – Energy Micro is developing a graphical user interface development suite for its EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers that will contain all the information, documentation and tools required by hardware, firmware and software engineers to develop embedded systems.

Key elements of the Simplicity Studio already available include the patent pending energyAware Profiler, an energy and power debugging tool for embedded microcontroller system development, and energyAware Designer , for removing the traditionally time-consuming problem of debugging I/O pin conflicts.  

More innovative tools, developed both internally and by third parties, will be included in the Simplicity Studio following its release during the first quarter of 2011.
“Simplicity is vital in achieving significant reductions in development times and by helping to make the development process as simple as possible we aim to deliver the efficiency savings that have long been waited for,” said Øyvind Grotmol, Energy Micro’s newly appointed VP of Simplicity. “Our goal is for Energy Micro to become as equally well known and respected for its effective embedded development suite as it is for its world leading energy friendly microcontrollers.”

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