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Engage “Gears” to upshift pace of product line development

Austin, Texas — Focusing on the software development process for a line of products, rather than just one individual product, Gears 4.0 seeks to cut costs and time to market by leveraging existing software assets like source code, architecture, and processes.

Among the features of this latest release are modeling language enhancements that improve software reuse, simplified interfaces for modeling editors, and multiple editor views and styles to accommodate developers with different skill levels.

The three main functions of Gears are to create and maintain one consolidated collection of core software assets, simplify and automate production by creating a product definition that describes optional and varying features, and leverage software development competencies by, for example, automatically generating a new version of all products when a bug is corrected or an upgrade added.

Gears is agnostic with respect to programming languages and operating systems, making it well suited for both new and legacy code bases. It is intended to extend rather than replace the capabilities of existing software development tools, easing its fit into established development environments.

Gears 4.0 is available now. Developer license fees start at $2,500 each, with tiered volume discounts available.

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