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Enhanced ARTiSAN tool offers comprehensive SysML support


N¼rnberg, Germany— ARTiSAN Software Tools' latest Studio UML modeling tool, version 6.2, rounds out the company's support for the OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML).

Jointly specified by the Object Management Group (OMG) and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), SysML is a general purpose graphical modeling language for developing complex systems. By reusing a subset of the UML 2.1 and extending it to meet the needs of system engineers, it represents the natural evolution of existing UML techniques into an internationally adopted standard.

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To improve model and configuration management integration, as well as provide infrastructure improvements for multiple, large-site and distributed team deployment, ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 delivers complete support for SysML.

Making use of Ergonomic Profiling capability, ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 includes a SysML Profile that supports the four pillars of SysML—system requirements, behavior, structure and parametric relationships. The ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 SysML Profile supports core SysML elements, including blocks, item flows, ports and port flows, adding appropriate new commands, explorer panes and toolbars to the menus.

ARTiSAN Studio 6.2 will be available in the second quarter 2007. Tthe new SysML Profile requires no additional licensing.

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