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Enhanced emulators support connection-multiplexing traffic


Santa Clara, Calif. — LeCroy Corp. has announced a major upgrade to its 6Gbits/s traffic-generation emulators for SAS and SATA protocols. Designed to run on the LeCroy STX-460 platform, the emulators are the industry's first to enable developers to generate valid and invalid traffic at data rates up to 6 Gbits/s, claims the company.

The new enhancements add additional capability to support connection multiplexing for both hosts and devices, as well as for the new SMP commands and emulating two hosts or two drives simultaneously. Lecroy said the STX-460 platform is the only test system capable of emulating connection multiplexing from either the host or device side.

With the new STX emulators, high-level commands can be easily defined and sent to initiator or target devices through a series of convenient pull-down menus. All traffic on the bus including both traffic generated by the STX and returned traffic from the device under test is captured and displayed in an intuitive trace format. Looping, iteration and conditional statements provide for precise control of the emulator scripting routines.

Pricing: Depends on specific configuration.
Availability: The host and target emulator offerings are currently available for purchase.
Product information: www.getcatalyst.com

LeCroy Corp. , www.lecroy.com

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