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Enhanced RTX software supports IPv6

Waltham, Mass.—Ardence made key enhancements to its RTX software for embedded systems.

While RTX Version 7.1 continues to support multi-core architectures, it now also includes support for IPv4 and IPv6 by incorporating the Fusion Networking Stack from Unicoi Systems Inc., Atlanta. www.unicoi.com

The Fusion Networking Stack is a scaleable, highly portable protocol product written in 100% ANSI C language, and is processor, operating-system and compiler independent. With support for IPv6, the Fusion Networking Stack improves TCP transport algorithms and offers a device driver filter layer. Additionally, it provides a platform for next-generation Internet functionality, including support for real-time flows, provider selection, host mobility and end-to-end security.

Additional features introduced in RTX version 7.1 include support for additional network cards; network driver wizard; RTSS object viewer enhancement; platform evaluator enhancements; and XP embedded support enhancements.

Evaluation versions of RTX can be downloaded at no cost by clicking here.

Ardence, a Citrix Co., (781) 647-3000, www.ardence.com

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