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Enhanced signal analyzer operates faster with higher bandwidths

Version 2.0 of the Anritsu's high-performance Signature signal analyzer features up to 30X faster operation speed, increased demodulation bandwidth, improved IQ vector output, and improved amplitude accuracy. In addition, Signature is now compatible with the company's innovative MG3700A vector signal generator, providing engineers with an advanced solution for measuring complex RF and microwave communications systems, including 3.5G and 4G.

Signature provides digital modulation analysis over the 100-Hz to 8-GHz frequency range. The latest version has a 50-MHz demodulation bandwidth so it can capture, measure, and analyze wide modulation bandwidth signals. The signal analyzer also has an improved amplitude accuracy of 0.65 dB.

Signature can now be combined with the MG3700A to create a versatile and accurate test solution for engineers working on proprietary or new digital modulation schemes. In this configuration, users can control the MG3700A from Signature, use Matlab to create advanced waveforms for the MG3700A, and capture signals with Signature for detailed analysis with Matlab or playback by the MG3700A.

The seamless integration between Signature and Matlab now includes a handshaking function. Because Signature can indicate when a new trace is available and then wait for Matlab before starting a new measurement, users can quickly and unambiguously capture and analyze multiple traces. The MS2781A is priced at $49,500. More information is available at www.us.anritsu.com.

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