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EnOcean energy gateway now Raspberry Pi accessory

Working with the Element14 developer community, EnOcean has just created a version of the Raspberry Pi computer that can control gateways for energy usage and automation systems.

Called the EnOcean Pi, the accessory and documentation is available from element14 and comes in three versions: EnOcean Pi 868 MHz (Europe), EnOcean Pi 315 MHz (Japan, India, North America) and EnOcean Pi 902 MHz (North America).

It costs $25 and the first version to be released is the EnOcean Pi 868, available from Farnell element14 in Europe and CPC in the UK and Ireland. Versions of the EnOcean Pi supporting the 315 MHz and 902 MHz radio bands will be available in early October 2013 from Newark element14 and MCM in North America, and element14 in Asia Pacific.

EnOcean Pi is designed as a wireless module that can be connected to batteryless EnOcean modules powered by energy converters that use mechanical motion, light or temperature differences as an energy source.

This makes it possible for developers to design maintenance-free sensor and actuator solutions that provide the necessary data for intelligent control in a wide variety of embedded applications, such as smart home solutions.

EnOcean Pi and Raspberry Pi will allow developers to quicly create a ready-made smart home box, which can process and visualise data from batteryless wireless sensors and provide central control of a wireless connected house. Other applications are gateways for cloud services or low-cost building automation with an interface to all EnOcean-based systems.

The new Pi accessory is being made available free to download as part of an EnOcean Link Trial Version middleware that allows users to quickly develop and integrate applications. The Raspberry Pi acts as the gateway to automate control of EnOcean-based energy harvesting wireless sensors, thermostats and switches to comfortably manage lighting, HVAC, shading and help to save energy.

EnOcean Pi also features EnOcean’s Smart Ack controller capabilities, which allow bi-directional communication via radio and serial interfaces. Radio messages can be sent transparently through the serial interface in both directions to and from the Pi. With it, EnOcean Pi can act as postmaster for up to 20 bi-directional sensors.

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