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Entry-level development kit enables quick prototype of ZigBee apps


Engineers looking to add ZigBee into their designs can turn to Ember's entry-level development kit. The JumpStart developer kit enables OEMs and systems integrators to accelerate proof-of-concept prototypes for embedded low-power, low-data rate wireless networking applications. The kit includes both hardware and software, and works with multiple third-party microcontrollers. The hardware package consists of six development boards, a serial cable, antennae and batteries. The software package includes a ZigBee-compliant networking stack, which incorporates an easy application programming interface (API) that shields customers from the intricacies of ZigBee networking, letting them focus on their embedded applications. The API is consistent across all compliant products, providing a uniform development environment for all the various development tools. It contains libraries for mesh, star and hybrid-network topologies.

The JumpStart kit includes a 30-day evaluation compiler license and 60 days of tech support. When OEMs are ready to step up to their commercial-grade development, they can seamlessly upgrade to Ember's full developer kit, which includes additional boards, and an efficient interface to the carrier board with included Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector for processing additional emulation and debugging commands. The Ember JumpStart Kit is available immediately with prices starting at $4995. More information is available at www.ember.com.

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