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Environmental award for Welsh PCB maker

Presteigne, UK — Microwave printed circuit board manufacturer, Labtech, has secured the environmental-based ISO14001 award from British Standards Institute.

The company employs 90 and its health and safety and environmental team worked closely with BSI to achieve the award which covers activities that have a direct or indirect impact on the environment and in-house systems.

Andrew Davies, Welsh Assembly Economic Development and Transport Minister, said on a visit to the facility, “There are ever growing pressures on industry to improve its environmental performance and it is essential that Welsh companies respond positively to these pressures.

Bob Lowther, Labtech's sales and marketing director, explained: “Many blue chip customers now require their suppliers to be environmentally aware. By actively reducing waste and energy loss, the company is cutting costs and improving environmental performance.”

The company ensures that water usage and effluent treatment are considered when specifying new equipment and plans to invest £60K in environmental impact equipment this year.

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