Epson uses OLEDs in print head -

Epson uses OLEDs in print head


LONDON — Epson has succeeded in creating a print head that uses OLED as a high brightness light source which Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) says opens the way for the use of OLED's in printers and potentially leading to the manufacture of color printers that are smaller, have higher resolution and faster printing speeds.

Epson was one of the first licensees of CDT's P-OLED technology, and their latest work is based on many years of experience of OLED technology for both displays and lighting. According to Epson, it has developed a super-bright OLED by working with Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd., who supplied the polymer material used in the development. Sumitomo is a joint venture partner of CDT in the development and manufacture of P-OLED materials.

Epson is planning to step up its efforts in research and development to realize the full potential of OLED.

The successful development of thin, light and highly precise light sources significantly extends the range of applications that OLEDs can address beyond displays and into other fields which may require very high brightness levels or high operating temperatures. The combination of strong underlying material performance, and high resolution manufacturing methods, allow the scope of the P-OLED technology to be uniquely broad.

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