ERNI offers DIN-rail-enclosures for industrial and building automation -

ERNI offers DIN-rail-enclosures for industrial and building automation


ERNI Electronics is offering a wide portfolio of enclosures for Industrial and Building Automation. To support customers on selecting the right products out of the IDG-B enclosure family that match, ERNI has redesigned its related Website ( From a general overview on the available enclosures with different installation widths and screw terminal blocks the user is guided to the related individual parts that match for the dedicated application.

The IDG-B enclosures are manufactured completely from plastic material and are fully insulated. They fulfill the modular packaging needs required by existing standards like DIN 43880 (Built-in equipment; overall dimensions and related mounting dimensions). Different installation widths are offered: 35mm (IDG-B2), 70mm (IDG-B4), 105mm (IDG-B6) and 157mm (IDG-B9). Depending on the installation width the enclosures offer 10 to 52 terminals for wiring power supply, input / output signals etc.

IDG-B enclosures are designed to mount onto a DIN-rail (EN50022) using a snap-in clip, which is pre-assembled on the bottom of the base part. Different versions of the top part allow the use of standard screw-terminal-blocks. One version is suitable for print-terminal-blocks and another version is able to adopt pluggable-terminal-blocks which have a pin header soldered onto the printed circuit board. In addition variants without screw terminal blocks (closed housing) are also available.

Custom designs concerning colors or cut-outs for other connectors are offered on request The upper side of the top part can be modified with cut-outs for specific connectors, light-guides for LEDs, displays, rotary switches etc. The transparent front cover allows the view on e.g. displays and switches and protects them from being touched and from accidental manipulation. The cover can also be used to hold a printed label behind.

ERNI Electronics has also summarized its IDG-B enclosure portfolio in a new catalogue which is available in PDF-format for download :

ERNI Electronics GmbH

ERNI Electronics GmbH was founded in 1956 and their place of business is Adelberg / Germany. They are a part of the company group ERNI International AG. ERNI is developing and producing a big variety of connectors, backplanes and complete systems, solder assemblies and cable systems.   ERNI is a global operating company with their own branches in Europe, North America and Asia.

Further information is available at

ERNI Electronics GmbH
973099 Adelberg
Tel.: +49 (0)7166 / 50-583
Fax: +49 (0)7166 / 50-103

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