ESC 2008 Silicon Valley news around the Web -

ESC 2008 Silicon Valley news around the Web


Here's a selection of articles about the Embedded Systems ConferenceSilicon Valley 2008 that have run recently on various Web publicationsand on-line columns and blogs.

Adrian Bridgwater's Blog at
Robotsand embedded software for personalised crumpet toasties

Electronics Weekly
AudioReport on XMOS, ARM from Embedded Systems Conference

Electro-ramblings Blog
Controllerchip boosts E Ink displays
MIPStool finds code hot spots
ARMcuts power of Cortex-M3 processor
Freescaleand Xilinx amongst early movers in San Jose

Altera Heads toEmbedded Systems Conference
Ambric to AttendEmbedded Systems Conference

EDA Geek Blog

Cypress toDemonstrate at Embedded Systems Conference 2008

Chip Design Blog
JB’s Circuit» Quick Impression of the Embedded Systems Conference

Electronic Design
ProcessorsAdapt To App requirements
ESC2008 Preview
AltiumInnovation Station Covers More Devices, FunctionsDevelopmentKit Supports ARM7-Based MCUs
PC-104+SBC Enlists Low-Power Processor

EDN Magazine
Notesfrom ESC – What do we want from robots – Taking the Measure
Notesfrom ESC – Sidense OTP memory IP slipping between the stereotypes
ESCSilicon Valley ” Day 2 – Embedded Webblog ESCSilicon Valley ” Day 3 – Embedded WebblogESCSilicon Valley ” Last Day – Embedded WebblogEpsoncontroller speeds up electronic paper displayEmbeddedSystems Conference Quick roundup

Control Engineering
Embedded computer: New smallform factor specification
Whatmicroprocessors are favored for control applications
ThomasNet Industrial NewsroomNILabVIEW 8.5 Wins Best of Show at 2007 ESC
Microprocessorscan be customized for any unique set of I/OSoftware providestransparency into source code
Processor targetsultra low-power embedded applications

WindowsEmbedded Blog
What'shappening at Embedded Systems West

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