ESC Blog: It's Day Zero at the show -

ESC Blog: It’s Day Zero at the show

The exhibits haven't opened yet, but the classes are in full swing. I had a couple of meetings yesterday, and one enlightening thought emerged–they might be starting to get it. “It” is the fact that it's not about the chip; it's not about the software; it's not about the tools. It's about all of the above, and a lot more. “It” is the ecosystem that surrounds the architecture. When you've got all of the pieces in place, then you've arrived. Unfortunately, there's a large disparity between the number of architectures and the number of real ecosystems. But they're starting to get it.

Richard Nass is editor in chief of Embedded Systems Design magazine and editorial director of the Embedded Systems Conference. He can be reached at , but he's probably running around at the conference right now, meeting, greeting, and learning the latest and greatest.

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