ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! Embedded systems that glow in the dark -

ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! Embedded systems that glow in the dark

Some time ago, I asked my mom what she knew about radiation. She replied that she didn't know much about it at all; all she did know was that she didn't want to be in the same room as it.

This is unfortunate, because radiation is all around us — it's in the ground we walk on, the food we eat, and the air we breathe. I should know because I have a radiation detector sitting on the bookshelves here in my office merrily chirping away, and it's nowhere near my radioactive marbles (see also I have radioactive balls!).

Sad to relate, when I ask around my engineer chums, a lot of them are also somewhat vague as to what the word “radiation” actually encompasses. So we can only hope that, as discussed in this video they will all be attending my presentation — Radioactivity: Embedded Systems That Glow in the Dark! — which will be held in the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation at the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston, May 6-7, 2015.

In this talk, we will start by introducing the various types of radiation — electromagnetic, particles, and cosmic rays (which are really particles) — and concepts like ionizing vs. non-ionizing radiation. We will then consider how the various types of radiation can affect and degrade electronic components and systems. And, as part of all this, we will consider the strategies embedded systems designers — both hardware and software — can use to mitigate the effects of radiation.

Are you planning on attending ESC Boston? If so, I look forward to seeing you there (I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt). And if you weren't already planning on attending, but you live nearby, then you may be interested to discover that the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation sessions are open to all attendees, including those holding a FREE Demo Hall Pass.

Join over 2,000 technical professionals and embedded systems hardware, software, and firmware developers at ESC Boston May 6-7, 2015, and learn about the latest techniques and tips for reducing time, cost, and complexity in the development process.

Passes for the ESC Boston 2015 Technical Conference are available at the conference's official site, with discounted advance pricing until May 1, 2015. Make sure to follow updates about ESC Boston's talks, programs, and announcements via the Destination ESC blog on and social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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  1. “I'm not doing this talk at ESC SV — I'm doing on one “Not Your Grandmother's Embedded Systems” nnIt will be great to see you at ESC SV if you can make it — what ar the chances looking like? “

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