ESC Boston products round-up -

ESC Boston products round-up


In case you missed ESC Boston 2010, or overlooked some announcements while you were there, here’s a snapshot of the key products that made their debut.

RFM introduces low-cost 900 MHZ FHSS module for sensing, telemetry, control apps

The DNT90 from RF Monolithics, Inc. is a new 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) module. Operating in the 900 MHz ISM band, the DNT90 is a low-cost, long-range, multi-purpose OEM RF module suitable for a wide variety of cost-sensitive applications, including wireless sensor networking, telemetry and control applications.  Read full story.

Freescale and Cirrus Logic offer reference design for digital utility meters

Freescale Semiconductor and Cirrus Logic have teamed up to provide a proven, turnkey reference design for the growing digital utility meter market. The reference design, which is available today, pairs Cirrus Logic’s CS5463 analog front end (AFE) chip with Freescale’s 8-bit AC60 microcontrollers (MCUs), giving smart meter original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a superior solution that allows for increased performance, design flexibility and lower system costs. Read full story.

eCosCentric launches eCosPro-SecureSockets, certified port of OpenSSL toolkit

eCosCentric Limited has announced the availability of eCosPro-SecureSockets, a certified port of the widely used OpenSSL toolkit (, adapted for deeply embedded applications using eCos. eCosPro-SecureSockets is based on OpenSSL v1.0.0a, the most recent release of the toolkit. Read full story.

New version of LDRA TBmanager maximizes efficiency, ease-of-use of LDRA tool suite

LDRA has released a newly revamped TBmanager, V8.4. TBmanager is the task-based interface for the LDRA tool suite, creating a common user experience among the LDRA modules and providing complete control of LDRA Testbed for static and dynamic analysis and coding standards, TBrun for unit testing, and TBreq for requirements traceability. Read full story.

LDRA Tool Suite high- and object-level support extended for full range of PowerPCs

LDRA has integrated the LDRA tool suite with a variety of compiler and RTOS technologies for the PowerPC (PPC) family. Targeting safety-critical systems, the company has extended its PPC support across the primary tool chains of Wind River Tornado, Wind River Workbench, Green Hills Multi, Green Hills Integrity, and Green Hills Integrity 178B. Read full story.

New version of Express Logic's TraceX speeds optimization and debug

TraceX 5.2 is the latest version of Express Logic's real-time event trace program. As a graphical analytical program, TraceX 5.2 represents real-time system events so that developers can visualize precisely what their system is doing across any desired time interval. Read full story.

Green Hills Software supports NetLogic's XLP multicore, multi-threaded processors

Green Hills Software, Inc.  has announced operating system, middleware and multicore development tool support for NetLogic Microsystems’ XLP family of multicore, multi-threaded processors. Read full story.

LynxSecure 4.0 supports new Intel embedded platforms

LynuxWorks, Inc. has announced that LynxSecure 4.0 is available on Intel’s new embedded quad-core Core i7 processors. Read full story.

Lantronix’ XPort Pro drives M2M communications for energy and industrial markets

Lantronix, Inc. has enhanced its XPort Pro, which the company touts as the world's smallest Linux networking server, with the addition of the de facto worldwide standard industrial protocol, Modbus. Read full story.

Green Hills integrates DoubleCheck static code analyzer with MULTI IDE

Green Hills Software, Inc., is now providing its user-based static code analyzer DoubleCheck as a standard feature with its MULTI Professional tool suite for multicore development and debugger solutions. Read full story.

Cypherbridge, Nabto roll web-server module

Cypherbridge and Nabto, a Danish software firm, announced a new web-server module, the Nabto uServer module at ESC Boston 2010. Read full story.

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