ESC Boston: Test & measurement Day 1 -

ESC Boston: Test & measurement Day 1


For the second consecutive year, ESC Boston opened to a snowless city. Last year's record snowfall left doubts, even with a May opening date. While this year's winter was far milder, we again had doubts when the snow fell on April 4. We start our coverage with photos and videos of some of the test & measurement products on display.

While most of the test & Measurement focused on bench equipment, we did see a fun demonstration of a pressure sensor used to sense the pressure applied to a tennis ball. Boston-based Tekscan manufactures pressure sensors used for “pressure mapping.” I've seen these sensors in products used to measure, for example, the pressure place on your foot while walking. On a smaller scale, the demonstration use the sensor to map the pressure applied on a tennis ball from a piston. Connected to a digitizer, the sensor's pressure map appears on a computer screen. The control system monitors the applied pressure and from that, the system releases the piston, letting the tennis ball return to its original shape.

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