ESC: Etnus unveils embedded multicore debug framework -

ESC: Etnus unveils embedded multicore debug framework

San Jose, Ca. – At the Embedded Systems Conference here Etnus LLC debuted an embedded version of its TotalView framework for debugging all aspects of a multicore design including source code, memory and performance.

The framework from the company, which is changing its name to TotalView Technologies, incorporates an integrated set of software development tools that can deal with multiprocessor configurations ranging from two to sixteen or more cores on a chip.

According to Rich Collier, CEO of TotalView Technologies, the framework incorporates tools for debugging application source code and memory and optimizing a design for performance as well as for use in data-centric and active web applications.

It incorporates technologies and building blocks currently used in tools it has used extensively in high performance Linux, Unix and Mac OS X computing applications based on C/C++, Fortran, and MPI/Open MP.

As a result, said Collier, TotalView allows developers to use a single view to observe the complete application using techniques such as parallel process acquisition and control; advanced breakpoints and watchpoints; and ability to test fixes on the fly.

Because it is derived from a tool suite developed on large multiprocessor systems, he said the embedded version of TotalView can scale to accommodate debugging of thousands of cores.

The latest version of TotalView includes new features such as enhanced breakpoint setting capabilities; ability to show class static variable data; and rule definition abilities for source code searches, among others.

At the center of the TotalView framework is MemoryScape, an interactive debugger designed said Collier, to help developers to quickly understand the way their programs are using memory and subsequently identify and resolve problems affecting it (i.e. memory leaks, heap allocation overwrites, etc.).

To address the need of programmers to find errors when multi-process, multi-thread programs give the wrong data, Collier said TotalView is developing a tool suite that allows developers to trace data through program execution as it is acted upon and quickly hone in on data problems areas by allowing a developer to analyze data from multiple threads as the program executes.

Also scheduled for introduction in the second half of the year is a performance tool suite that will allow developers to measure, understand and improve the performance and efficiency of serial and parallel applications across a wide range of platforms during the development cycle.

TotalView Technologies, Natick, Ma., 508.652.7736,

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