ESC - Green Hills integrates DoubleCheck static code analyzer with MULTI IDE -

ESC – Green Hills integrates DoubleCheck static code analyzer with MULTI IDE


Green Hills Software, Inc., is now providing its user-based static code analyzer DoubleCheck as a standard feature with its MULTI Professional tool suite for multicore development and debugger solutions. The integration is intended to increase developer productivity and code quality while enabling better management and control of code complexity and the overall coding process.

According to the company, this technology has become a critical requirement for medical and industrial device development where advanced software development processes are the norm. “The FDA is seeing rapid growth in software complexity in medical devices and we have recommended publicly that software developers utilize static analysis tools,” commented Rick Chapman, FDA/CDRH acting branch chief, General Hospital Devices Branch.

By taking advantage of analysis algorithms that have been tuned and field-proven over the past 28 years in Green Hills C/C++ compilers, DoubleCheck can be used as an integrated tool with MULTI to perform compilation and full program defect analysis in the same pass. The company claims that DoubleCheck has been measured to be up to five times faster than other commercial analyzers due to design efficiencies, and is fast enough to be used continuously in a rapid iterative development environment by all developers. DoubleCheck automatically uses the same code configuration as is used during the final build process. This allows developers to be certain that the executed code is the same as the code that was “double-checked.”

The DoubleCheck static analysis tool helps automate the enforcement of coding standards by measuring and optionally limiting software component complexity by using standardized metrics such as McCabe – making code easier to understand, maintain, and test. A range of configuration options add a number of intelligent quality controls to the DoubleCheck tool’s bug finding mission, including a number of MISRA compliance checks and enforcement of optional but important language standards.

Application complexity has become the most significant challenge for embedded software developers who need to develop reliable, safe, and secure applications while meeting time-to-market windows. Green Hills states that traditional debugging and testing methodologies fall short when dealing with today’s sophisticated code bases. The DoubleCheck static analysis tool provides a fundamental development and design strategy to cope with the explosion in code complexity.

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