ESC - LDRA Tool Suite high- and object-level support extended for full range of PowerPCs -

ESC – LDRA Tool Suite high- and object-level support extended for full range of PowerPCs

LDRA has integrated the LDRA tool suite with a variety of compiler and RTOS technologies for the PowerPC (PPC) family. Targeting safety-critical systems, the company has extended its PPC support across the primary tool chains of Wind River Tornado, Wind River Workbench, Green Hills Multi, Green Hills Integrity, and Green Hills Integrity 178B. Support scales from the PPC 440 to the high-performance PPC 750 and can work at either the C compiler or Assembly level. Full DO-178B certification artifacts up to Level A are available.

With the broad application of PPC processors to safety-critical environments, such as communication terminals, commercial and military avionics, as well as missile and space flight applications, this integration ensures that the LDRA tool suite supports organizations needing to demonstrate process compliance. Artifacts and reports proving DO-178B readiness are easily produced and LDRA’s DO-178B Tool Qualification Support Pack further accelerates time to certification.

In addition to extended high-level language support for the PPC processor range, the LDRA tool suite for PPC Assemblers may be used to demonstrate source-to-object-code traceability. This enables the LDRA tool suite to analyze the relationship between the two levels of code and highlight any instances of additional code at the object level.

Tool chain support across the full range of PPC processors—from the smallest embedded controllers to full-system processors—maximizes system flexibility in applications such as ground-station terminals, missile and satellite GNC controllers, and vibration sensitive aviation equipment. Regardless of the platform chosen, LDRA’s comprehensive coverage ensures that a single set of reports can be generated to describe all aspects of the systems under test. This breadth of coverage, coupled with LDRA’s DO-178B Tool Qualification Support Pack for C/C++, Ada83/95 and Assembly languages, increases process manageability and speeds certification.

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