ESC Minneapolis 2015 schedule is live! -

ESC Minneapolis 2015 schedule is live!

I am currently performing my happy dance (it's not a pretty sight) because the technical conference schedule for ESC Minneapolis 2015 has gone live.

The funny thing is that, almost as soon as the schedule lit up, someone from our group emailed me to say “What would be your 'Top 10' picks?” I was tempted to ask why they were interested, but — much like listening to one of my mother's convoluted anecdotes that typically involve a “cast of thousands” — experience has shown me that it's sometimes better not to probe too deeply.

The really tricky thing is that we have an amazingly strong program. I say this with confidence because I hand-picked each session myself. And I would just like to go on the record as saying that this process is much harder than you might think. We were inundated with a wealth of abstracts that had to be boiled down into the number of session slots we had available. I ended up having to say “Sorry” to a bunch of fantastic proposals on the basis that we simply cannot fit everyone into the time we have at our disposal (sad face).

Returning to the question at hand, I responded by saying: “This is a hard question — the technical program is incredibly strong — I would like to sit in on all of the presentations — the following ten sessions (in no particular order) are ones that are shouting out to me 'Max, Max, pick me, pick me!', but this isn’t to say that these presentations are better than any of the others, because each attendee may well opt for a different selection based on their background and interests.

What about you? If you have a moment free, bounce over to the full schedule to see what's on offer (note that this doesn’t include any of the Fantastical Theatre sessions — I'll be talking about those in a future column) and then post a comment saying which sessions call out to you. In the meantime, if you'll excuse me, I have to return to my Happy Dance.

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  1. “Max…love the pic (the Gene wilder one, though I'm also a Calvin & Hobbes fan). From Young Frankenstein I think? GREAT movie. We had it when I was on a remote island for a year and I must have watched it 10 or more times and still laughed. “

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