ESC Minneapolis: Call for speakers deadline extended (more rooms and more sessions!) -

ESC Minneapolis: Call for speakers deadline extended (more rooms and more sessions!)


Well, if ever there was a time for a happy dance, this has to be just such an occasion. Based on the success of the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) at Minneapolis last year, we've decided to increase the number of rooms and sessions for the technical content portion of this year's ESC Minneapolis 2016 conference-exposition extravaganza. As part of this, we've extended the deadline for potential speakers to submit their abstracts until April 6, 2016.


Have you presented at a conference before? Or have you thought about it, but not been sure? Either way, ESC is a great venue for you to share your knowledge and unique insights into any and all aspects of hardware and software design and verification.

We also have the ESC Engineering Theatre, which will be located in the main exposition hall this year. This is the venue where you can captivate an audience of your peers with spectacular feats of engineering derring-do. Alternatively, you can regale them with tales from the trenches describing how you have successfully rolled up your shirtsleeves to overcome the diabolical challenges inherent in bringing good engineering ideas to life. This is also the place to present your one-of-a-kind electronic inventions and any weird and wacky ideas you've dreamed up, coded, wired, soldered, hammered, and/or glued together.

As PR and Marketing guru Nanette Collins noted in her Engineer, Promote Thyself! column, presenting a technical paper or participating on a panel at an event like ESC is a great way to promote yourself both inside and outside your company/organization.

And last but not least — and certainly not to be sniffed at — if you are accepted as a speaker, you automatically get a conference pass (worth ~$1,000) that will get you into all of the other sessions. Personally, I just enjoy standing up there on the stage holding forth to a captive audience (I am my mother's son). So if you have something you'd care to share with the rest of us, why not enter your abstract today?

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