ESC - #Parasoft C/C++test has multiple new features -

ESC – #Parasoft C/C++test has multiple new features


Parasoft Corporation has announced a new release of #Parasoft C/C++test for C and C++ development. The integrated toolkit features static code analysis, data flow static analysis, and metrics analysis; peer code review process automation including preparation, notification, and tracking; unit/component testing with test generation and execution on the host, simulator, or target; code coverage analysis supporting multiple levels of DO-178B; and runtime error detection including memory access errors, leaks, and corruptions.

New Product Highlights

  • Extended environment support – including Eclipse, Renesas HEW, Altium TASKING, QNX Momentics, Fujitsui Softune, Linux x64, and more. This provides direct access to the industry’s most comprehensive set of defect prevention and detection practices within an even wider range of embedded development environments.
  • Traceability reporting – capabilities provide extensive visibility into the unit/component testing process, which is essential for demonstrating compliance to key industry standards. Reports can include details such as the tested requirement, test input/output values, test case context & description, and data source row usage.
  • Static analysis for 2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors— a list of the most widespread and critical errors that can lead to serious vulnerabilities in software, as well as continued optimization and extension of the core static analysis rule library.
  • Holistic metrics calculation provides organizations visibility into code complexity and the potential impacts of an anticipated code change— helping them to make more informed decisions about how to modify, refactor, and test it. Additionally, teams can customize metrics' thresholds so they are alerted when metrics fall outside of the prescribed range.

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