ESC: Partnership extends LDRA's support of C coding standards -

ESC: Partnership extends LDRA’s support of C coding standards

LDRA (Wirral, UK), and Netrino (Elkridge, MA) are cooperating to implement the Embedded C Coding Standard to produce a static analysis tool.

Support for the Embedded C Coding standard complements the LDRA tool suite's support for C language programming standards such as MISRA-C:1998 and MISRA-C:2004, CERT C, SEC C and GJB (Chinese Military Standard).

The Embedded C Coding Standard was developed by Netrino to minimize firmware bugs by creating rules that keep bugs out while also improving the maintainability and portability of embedded software.

The coding standard details guiding software programming principles, specifies naming conventions and outlines rules for data types, functions, preprocessor macros, variables and much more. Individual rules that have been demonstrated to reduce or eliminate certain types of bugs are highlighted.

“To be effective, coding standards must be enforceable,” said Michael Barr, president of Netrino. “By having a coding standard integrated into a static analysis engine such as the LDRA tool suite, developers can automatically prevent bugs from creeping into the code rather than leaving bugs to be inadvertently created, identified and eradicated—a much more costly approach.”

Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director, added, “We share Netrino's commitment to helping developers create code that is highly reliable, portable and bug free.”

Barr and Nat Hillary, a LDRA field applications engineer, will present a tutorial at the upcoming ESC in San Jose.


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