ESCape from your cubicle -

ESCape from your cubicle


Springtime is a time to go off your diet and fatten up for the coming year. At least, that seems to be the case at the Embedded Systems Conference, coming up in early April. The catalog of exhibitors, booths, speakers, and presentations is already fatter than it's been in many years. The embedded systems industry seems to be emerging from its cave after a long hibernation, ready to take on a season's worth of challenges.

After several years in downtown San Francisco the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is returning to San Jose. Silicon Valley denizens will remember ESC's earlier years at the San Jose Convention Center, right in the center of the city near the light rail tracks, restaurants, hotels, freeways, and parking. We'd outgrown the San Jose site years ago, but now that the facilities have expanded ESC can return to its customary home. And as you'll see, we'll be bursting at the seams.

We're starting with the Microprocessor Summit on Monday, April 3rd to kick off the week. If you were at ESC last year you'll remember our first annual Microprocessor Summit, where six brand new embedded processors were unveiled for the first time. This year's Summit will be similar, with embedded processor chips galore throughout the entire day. The morning will have new chip announcements; the afternoon will be filled with head-to-head comparisons of existing processors. The Microprocessor Summit beings a level of reality and–dare I say it–competitiveness to the usual technical sessions.

The bulk of the conference, starting on Tuesday, has literally hundreds of 90-minute, 3-hour, and full-day classes, all yours for the choosing. Every single one is presented by an expert in his or her field and every speaker and presentation has been screened for authority, technical content, and lack of superfluous marketing. You'll get your money's worth here, I guarantee it.

It's not all work. There are “receptions” (don't tell your boss they're parties) in the evenings, including the gala ACE Awards on Tuesday night. Overall, ESC runs a full five days, so block out the week and we'll see you in San Jose!

Reader Response

I remember going to the very 1st ESC event when it was at the Santa Clara Convention Center! I remember finding out about this event only through an ad in the San Jose Mercury News. Back in those days, the ESC was a very quiet event with most fellows showing up in their Dockers with sandals or sneakers.

Nowadays, I see a lot more suits!

The ESC has come along way since then.

It is also important to note that Wescon seems to be no more…and supplanted by the ESC.

At least, it seems as if all the major silicon players seem to think so.

– Ken Wada
Aurium Technologies Inc.
Embedded Systems Consultant
San Jose, CA

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