ESCRYPT expands security portfolio -

ESCRYPT expands security portfolio

In future, IT security for the Internet of Things will require a holistic approach. Because IoT applications are increasingly interconnected. This calls for lifecycle management and organizational integration alongside embedded security solutions.

In light of these developments, ESCRYPT is expanding the security portfolio it offers its customers to include backend services that parent company Bosch has used for many years now to successfully provide cyber security solutions in workplaces and production facilities worldwide. Within the Bosch Group alone, these services – the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management), vulnerability management and pen testing, malware and protection services, Cyber Defense Center, and PSIRT (Product Security Incident & Response Team) – foil 15,000 cyberattacks a month on servers and websites, and uncover and eliminate 2,700 malware infections on mobile devices and laptops each month.

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