Esmertec recruits Logic Technology to boost OSVM sales -

Esmertec recruits Logic Technology to boost OSVM sales


LONDON — Esmertec, a developer of software solutions for mobile handsets and embedded devices, has signed an agreement for Logic Technology to supply the OSVMT real-time object-oriented software platform across Europe.

Esmertec (Zurich, Switzerland) and Logic (Panningen, Netherlands) will jointly organize customer road shows, technical seminars, training and other marketing activities to present OSVM's benefits and applications. The first road show is planned from 22 to 29 September, covering The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark and the UK.

OSVM is designed and developed for connected embedded devices with exceedingly small memory such as alarm systems, telemedicine and telematic devices, RFID readers, billboards, point-of-sales and vending machines.

The platform dramatically reduces software development and integration effort through high-level object-oriented programming. Additionally, OSVM delivers cost savings in maintenance and servicing through remote diagnosis, monitoring and bug fixing features; all of which can be performed without any disruption to the running system.

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