Esmertec to acquire OOVM -

Esmertec to acquire OOVM


ZURICH, Switzerland — Esmertec, an independent software company that focuses on Java solutions and technologies for mobile phones, PDAs and home multimedia systems is to acquire OOVM, a developer of disruptive software platforms for the embedded market based in Aarhus, Denmark.

OOVM was founded in 2002 by Lars Bak and three other experts in virtual machine technology who were involved in the development of Java HotSpot and CLDC HotSpot.

OOVM's main product is an object-oriented platform with an operating system or virtual machine that reduces software development, integration and maintenance cost for device and chipset manufacturers.

This is done through a secure, analyzable and always-on platform that is designed for devices with minimal memory such as home appliances, sensors, billboards, point-of-sales systems, and vending machines.

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