eSol gets a boost from Mitsubishi for its eT-kernel RTOS -

eSol gets a boost from Mitsubishi for its eT-kernel RTOS


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has adopted eSOL's eT-Kernel real-time OS-based software platform for use in itss Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller. eSOL's eT-Kernel Platform tasrgeted at real-time performance and high reliability factory automation (FA) systems.

One of the many uses for the RTOS will be to allow developers on its language controller platform to reuse software assets developed for μITRON, the most popular real-time OS in Japan and other Asian countries.

The Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller is one of Mitsubishis familty of programmable logic controller desgiend to allow application development and reuse of code written in the C language.

Each Q24DHCCPU-LS controller also features Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB connectors, an SD card slot, and a PCI Express expansion connector for high-speed communication with higher-level systems or handling large amounts of data.

The eT-Kernel Platform it is using features the eT-Kernel real-time OS, together with the eBinder Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a variety of middleware components. The eT-Kernel offers three scalable profiles to choose from, depending on system size and purpose, including a compact RTOS with real-time capabilities and a POSIX-compliant RTOS with high Linux compatibility. eSOL's eBinder IDE streamlines eT-Kernel-based application development while ensuring high quality.

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