eSOL launches eMCOS SDK for manycore processors -

eSOL launches eMCOS SDK for manycore processors

eSOL has launched the eSOL eMCOS SDK, a software development kit for manycore processors. The SDK consists of the eSOL eMCOS manycore real-time operating system (RTOS), its integrated middleware components that offer network, file, and USB services, and the eSOL eMCOS IDE Plug-in development and analysis tools. Developers can immediately execute and evaluate their Linux and TRON software assets on a manycore processor, since eMCOS supports POSIX and T-Kernel APIs and comes with standard driver stacks. The eMCOS SDK initially supports the 36-core TILE-Gx8036? processor.

eSOL will demonstrate the eMCOS SDK running on the TILE-Gx8036 in its booth, no.157 in Hall 4, at the Embedded World 2015 , February 24-26, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Conventional RTOSes for single-core and multi-core processors will not work on manycore processors because of the difference in hardware principals and its architectures. eSOL developed eMCOS, a totally different RTOS from existing RTOSes, to address such a challenge. One of the big differences is eMCOS’s distributed microkernel architecture. A microkernel is allocated to each individual core to offer basic services, including inter-core message passing, local thread scheduling, and thread management.

Application developers do not need to pay attention to which cores execute their program, as eMCOS employs the same programming model as that of other multi-core RTOSes, including eSOL’s eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition. eMCOS OS APIs are offered with the familiar C function interface. eMCOS does not require developers to recognize message-passing behavior that is conducted internally and automatically within APIs. eMCOS supports POSIX and T-Kernel APIs.

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