ESS set to be the biggest for years -

ESS set to be the biggest for years

ESS 2005 at the NEC in Birmingham, on October 19 and 20 is set to be the biggest electronics event in Britain. With 75 stands representing at least 85 different companies, the exhibition is larger than it has been for many years.

The formal conference programme, where speakers include leaders from many areas of the electronics industry is supported by a programme of sponsored workshops introducing new ideas on M2M and ZigBee, battery technologies, in-memory databases and structured methods, a PhD programme that presents exciting research from the university sector, including Leicester, York, Newcastle, Kent, and Essex and training workshops on Embedded Linux and C++ Programming.

One theme is the increasing use of FPGAs in embedded systems. The exhibition floor has representation from the major FPGA vendors and tool suppliers, including Actel, Altera, Lattice, Xilinx and Synplicity. Co-located with ESS for the first time is the IEE’s FPGA Developer Forum, Europe’s leading venue for designers using FPGAs which will examine how including reconfigurable hardware in embedded designs can improve design flexibility.

Other conference strands include a full day (October 19) on distributed and communicating systems which will look at current and forthcoming concerns in the broad area of connectivity in embedded systems, wireless technologies, the challenges presented by high data rates and volumes in widely distributed systems and the inner secrets of the ZigBee protocols.

A one day focus on signal integrity is designed to help PCB designers who are dealing with the increased bus speeds of PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet and Rapid IO cope with face problems of integrity, cross talk EMI and ground bounce, as well as test and debug.

Software development for critical systems is a full day (October 20) of papers and short tutorials on software development in critical systems (be it safety-, mission- or business-).

System & Software Modelling – object-oriented programming techniques, rapid code generation techniques, migrating from structured methods legacy to model-based design, will all feature in this track organised by ESE magazine and the Object Management Group.

The Embedded MicroDeveloper Forum will provide information on microprocessors and microcontrollers in embedded systems.

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