Ethernet controller fits in 28-pin package -

Ethernet controller fits in 28-pin package

A low-pin-count, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for remote communication with embedded applications is what can be built with Microchip's latest Ethernet controller, a 28-pin stand-alone device. The ENC28J60 lets designers to create network- and Internet-connected embedded applications with minimized board space, cost and complexity. The controller employs a standard 10-Mbit/s SPI serial interface, which requires just four lines to interface to a host microcontroller. Microchip also bundles a TCP/IP software stack. Example applications include telecommunications, inventory management, remote diagnostics/alerts, security, and remote sensing/actuators. Other features of the ENC28J60 include an integrated 10-Mbit/s Ethernet PHY and MAC, programmable filtering, and a programmable 8-kbyte dual-port SRAM buffer. Limited sampling is available now, and volume production is expected shortly. For additional information, visit

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