Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control in Embedded Systems -

Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control in Embedded Systems


This paper presents very simple and economical way to provide Ethernet connectivity to microcontroller based embedded systems using the serial peripheral interface bus.

This system uses ATmega328p microcontroller to store the main application source code, web pages and TCP/IP stack which is a vital element of the system software.

An Ethernet controller chip – the ENC 28J60 – is used to handle the Ethernet communications and is interfaced with the host microcontroller using SPI pins. There are several I/O pins available at the microcontroller which are used to interface with sensors and relays for monitoring and controlling operations.

This system enables user to connect a particular embedded device (equipped with SP[ support) on to a network. By using this Ethernet enabled digital I/O control system, applications like Embedded Web server can be easily developed.

The module is small, simple and flexible which can perform different I/O operations remotely over Ethernet. Our system can be extended for sensing malfunctioning in industrial machines and making corrective measures in it.

There is no limit for future scope in the monitoring and control operation. Industrial automation is no longer limited by the walls of the production facility. More and more automation is being handled via remote communication. This Ethernet Embedded system paves the way to numerous applications to be developed in the area of monitoring and automation.

To read this external content in full, download the complete paper from the author archives at Krest Technologies, India.

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