Ethernet enabled power analyser/meter -

Ethernet enabled power analyser/meter

Full details of the project is in attached file. This was my main project in B.Tech.Small correction in code may be required to make it work.Present day energy meters require the energy company?s electrical parameter reader to manually check each and every meter located at the customer?s homes. It is a tedious and error prone exercise which is also liable to be manipulated. This Internet enabled digital power analyzer measures as well as upload the required values via TCP/IP. The power meter that can be connected to the power line / any device to find the parameters as RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Power Factor (PF), Frequency, Energy (Wh), Apparent power & Active power. The various values are calculated by taking the values from the dedicated IC which is controlled by a micro controller. If the device is connected to the line permanently, the device can calculate the consumed energy reading and can store into its permanent memory. The proposed system is developed for reading the electrical parameters at remote locations or tamper sensitive areas from a centralized system, using the Internet Technology. The system consists of a TCP/IP module, for uploading the data to the Internet. The power analyzer automatically sends the consumer number and present parameters directly to main module in which it can be stored in a database. This ensures fool-proof reading and prevents the manipulation of the readings. The embedded device consists of a micro controller, which acts as a web server with specific IP. This IP address is used to access the embedded device through Internet. When the embedded device is connected, the data from the embedded server are loaded as a webpage. The webpage is designed using HTML and CGI.

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