Ethernet measurement with ultra high-isolation -

Ethernet measurement with ultra high-isolation


Data Translation Inc. has developed two ultra high-isolation Ethernet measurement instruments to its popular MEASURpoint product line.  

The ISO-Channel design provides up to ±3500V high voltage rejection using galvanic isolation techniques to preserve small signals generated from thermocouples, RTDs, and other sensitive sensors in harsh, high-voltage noise environments.

The instruments provide a isolation to earth ground of  ±1400V continuously or 2500V for transients (DT8875) or ±3500V continuously or 5000V for transients (DT8876) while channel-to-channel isolation is  2800V (DT8875) or 7000V (DT8876). There is 24-bit resolution, Delta Sigma ADC per channel and up to 40 simultaneous differential inputs (DT8875) or 20 simultaneous differential inputs (DT8876).

The units can measure thermocouples, RTDs, or voltage, providing B,E,J,K,N,R,S and T thermocouple support with accuracy to ± 0.24°C 4-wire, 3-wire, or 2-wire PT100, PT500, PT1000 RTDs support with accuracy to ± 0.03°C. They sample up to 10Hz per channel and include the MEASURpoint Framework and web-based applications.

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