Ethernet platform targets IPTV -

Ethernet platform targets IPTV


Zarlink Semiconductor introduced the first two devices in its ClassSwitch series of single-chip, full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed for network access equipment supporting packet-based applications, such as Internet protocol television (IPTV). The family supports the cost-effective design of line cards or compact systems deployed in central offices, cable head-ends, or customer premises equipment that must aggregate, inspect and modify multiple real-time applications delivered over Fast and Gigabit Ethernet. The devices enable IP multicast packet-forwarding service distribution, a key element in the delivery of IP video in the first mile.

The platform includes the ZL33042 with 24 FE (Fast Ethernet) + 2 GE (Gigabit Ethernet) port configurations and the ZL33046 Ethernet switch delivering 16 FE + 2 GE port configurations. Future devices will incorporate lower and higher data throughput and optional port count configurations.

Zarlink’s ClassSwitch platform provides high intelligence for aggregation equipment, while lowering equipment design costs by integrating multiple features on one chip. Packets entering the devices are classified to a flow based on user-defined rules, using information such as frame source and destination address or applications using Layer 2 (L2) to L7 fields of incoming packets. Up to 1024 distinct flows can be created per device. The architecture supports per-flow two-rate, three-color metering and policing. Scheduling algorithms, such as SP (strict priority) and WFQ (weighted fair queuing), manage packets and prioritize queued traffic. Additional traffic flow classification features allow operators to better manage service level agreements and access control.

Zarlink’s Ethernet switches include up to 24 MACs (media access controllers) for 10/100 Mbits/s and two GMACs (Gigabit MACs) for 10/100/1000 Mbits/s. All MACs and GMACs support copper (twisted wire) or fiber physical interfaces.

The ZL33042 and ZL33046 Ethernet switches, available now, are priced at $68 and $60, respectively in quantities of 5000. Evaluation boards with various plug-in modules for 100/1000 Ethernet transceivers as well as CPUs based on PowerPC, ARM and MIPS will be available. For more, visit or and General information can be found at

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