Ethernet SFP cage features 10 ports -

Ethernet SFP cage features 10 ports


San Diego—Pulse, a Technitrol Co., has introduced a 1×10, small form-factor pluggable (SFP) cage for use in Ethernet equipment such as blade servers, switches, routers, and add/drop multiplexers.

The SFPCAGE006-L cage is used for connecting transceivers and shielding them from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its high port density results in cost savings for Pulse customers. According to Pulse, the SFPCAGE006-L cage is the first on the market with 10 ports.

The SFP cage is uniquely constructed so as not to deform during press fitting. Versatile, the series can handle optical transceiver links as well as transceivers configured as traditional copper RJ45 connectors, enabling configuration to each company's internal networking requirements for balancing load and bandwidth. The cage has an insulation resistance of about 100 volts. Mylar paper pasted on the bottom isolates the cage and allows the customer to use the PCB under the cage for circuit trace design.

The cage handles speeds up to 5 Gbits and improves connectivity in high-density PCB environments. It reduces the operating temperature of the transceiver, prevents the transceiver from EMI emissions, provides mechanical stability, and offers easy transceiver plug-in. The cage is made of copper alloy with nickel plating to prevent oxidation. Holes in the cage allow air circulation and heat transfer, ensuring that the transceiver temperature stays at less than 70°C. The cage measures 9.55mm high x 48.70mm deep x 142.85mm wide. The footprint is compliant with the SFP Transceiver MultiSource Agreement (MSA) standard and is RoHS compliant.

Pricing: Around $13; volume discounts are available.
Availability: Lead time is six weeks.
Datasheet: Click here.


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