EU project looks at embedded sector -

EU project looks at embedded sector


LONDON — F.A.S.T. and the Technical University of Munich are working on a joint study on worldwide trends and programmes for the European Commission. They are currently analysing future tendencies and trends over a five year time frame and comparing similar programmes in other regions and countries to the 'Technology Platform ' planned by the Commission.

The Platform is one of a number that aim to bring together research organisations, industry, regulators, user groups and other stake holders to devise and implement a common strategic agenda for the research, development and use of technologies in Europe.

The goals of the study are to analyse the 'state of the art' in the area of embedded systems and to identify the most used and most promising technologies in different sectors. It will also assess the impact of embedded technologies on market developments of different industries and services.

The study will also identify R&D programmes and initiatives outside Europe to compare public funding on an international basis as well as analysing initiatives similar to the Technology Platform to identify best practice of operation, coordination and transfer of results.

Initially the researchers are to conduct interviews with experts and the develop a questionnaire to give quantitative results for the developments of embedded technologies and their applications.

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