European Commission accepts proposal to develop reliable systems -

European Commission accepts proposal to develop reliable systems


LONDON — DECOS, a joint initiative to generate a proposal for an integrated project within the EU's Framework Programme 6, has been accepted by the European Commission. Its aim is to identify and alleviate the barriers that hinder the development of highly reliable embedded systems.

DECOS — Dependable Embedded Components and Systems, — was among the most successful project proposals that were submitted to the EC in the field of embedded systems. Its industrial and academic partners will jointly develop a set of generic hardware and software components within the framework of the Time-Triggered Architecture (TTA).

TTA's dependable approach for high-reliability systems has seen it attract attention in a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, special vehicles, railway, and industrial control.

In an integrated architecture, multiple subsystems are hosted on top of the same platform. This solution decreases the number of separate control units. Furthermore, the number of cables and connectors, which are a major source of system outages, can be reduced.

It is expected that the DECOS project will lead to a reduction of hardware costs, as well as an increase in the overall dependability of all embedded systems, including those in which safety is a critical issue.

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