European Embedded Linux Consortium forms -

European Embedded Linux Consortium forms


San Francisco, April 11, 2001-On the heels of Monday's announcement from the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) that the organization would be pursuing standardization of an embedded Linux platform, it was announced today that a European Embedded Linux Consortium has been formed. The three initial participants are Tuxia, Implementa, and MetroWerks.

According to Murry Shohat, the director of the ELC, the European Consortium will initially serve to market and promote embedded Linux, although, like its American counterpart, he expects it will eventually become a standards body as well. Shohat said it was too early to tell whether the standards established by the European consortium would differ from or adopt those of the American consortium. He couldn't name specifically what additional companies he anticipated would join the European consortium, but said he was sure there would be many, especially because many of the companies affiliated with the American organization have a presence in Europe. Some are even based there. In fact, Shohat anticipated that the consortium would eventually be centered somewhere in the European Union.

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