European Nanoelectronics project seeks more proposals -

European Nanoelectronics project seeks more proposals


LONDON — CATRENE, the industry-driven Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on NanoElectronics (EUREKA 4140) has announced its third call for project proposals from Feb 1 to June 1, 2010.

Participation in the project outline phase is mandatory until March 18 for participation in the subsequent full proposal phase. After the evaluation and selection process, the final decision can be expected on June 30 with project labelling. It can be assumed that the projects will start from January 2011.

With already 21 active projects resulting from the first and second call, involving 300 participating organisations from 16 European countries and almost 7000 person-years of researchers, CATRENE is the leading European programme in nanoelectronics supported by industry and governments.

CATRENE is a EUREKA program that aims at a technological leadership for a competitive European ICT industry. CATRENE first phase is a four-year programme, started Jan 1, 2008, and is extendable by another four years. This is in line with the changing landscape of the semiconductor industry as well as the present view on technology evolution and the time span over which most of the major applications will develop. Resources required will be approximately 2,500 person-years annually, equalling about €4 billion for the extended program.

More information and guidelines for preparation are available from the CATRENE website.

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