European project promotes TV via mobile phones -

European project promotes TV via mobile phones

LONDON — A European project funded by the European Union's Fifth Framework Program will soon usher in access to TV program and the Internet on dual-mode mobile phones.

With project partners in the U.K., Germany, France and Italy, the Convergence of IP-based Services for Mobile Users and Networks in DVB-T project has developed and demonstrated a converged digital broadcast and GPRS system that provides both local and remote interaction to portable digital televisions and a high bandwidth multicast IP downlink.

Project coordinator John Comas from the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University, said, “Consumers will benefit from greater choice as a direct result of [the DVB-T project] creating a more competitive mobile media marketplace.”

The effort could help telecommunications operators improve their delivery of content to wireless mobile users. For broadcasters, it not only increases user interaction with content but also increases their potential viewing public to include commuters and travelers at train stations, airports and stadiums as well as passengers in cars, trains and busses.

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